King‘Caladog’ -partially inspired by Gruffydd ap Llywellyn, who dominated much of Wales in the 11th century. He was a very colourful figure, ruthless yet possessed of a wicked sense of humour.

Origin: The Battanians are inspired by the Celtic peoples of Western Europe – in particular, the Picts, Irish, and Welsh of the early medieval era. A well-balanced sword or a hard-hitting axe , A murderous-looking ascent up a cliffside to assault a fort should be murderous in the game, thanks to an engine that gives defenders the ability to rain down rocks and arrows on attacking forces. This is what the Battanians excel in. A woodland based faction who take advantage of ambushes, using the terrain to make effective their berserker and longbow units, striking quick and hard.

‘The Battanians aren’t an efficient conquering machine like some of their neighbours, but no one makes war with more flair’.

Inspiration: as stated by Taleworlds; ‘the Dark Age Celts built some mysterious and majestic structures, like massive roundhouses and complex concentric fortresses, but did not build major cities. By then, they’d been pushed back to the margins of Europe, where big cities were hard to sustain. Back in Caesar’s day, however, the Celts still lived closer to the economic heart of the continent and created impressive towns known as oppida on key trade routes. So you won’t find an exact archaeological antecedent for our Battanian settlements, which mix later Celtic architecture with earlier Celtic town layout. But we think the result will be both visually impressive and credible, sort of an alternate version of how Celtic settlements could have evolved had history been slightly different’.

Units: The Battanians seem to be an “all rounder” in terms of units and specialisation. The infantry units consist of Axe and shield wielding troops featuring Medium heavy armour for the higher tier troops. They also possess light cavalry units which are good for clearing up archers, however going against heavy cavalry could prove disastrous. They have Longbowman for ranged engagements which allows them a good rate of fire, especially for ambushes.

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