We had a first glimpse of Mount & Blade II: The siege Bannerlord in PC Gaming Show in June, and it looks like the game fun that only the flood of people angry, clumsy attack a money. Fort is well protected with all the weapons of medieval and machines can provide. Now it’s time to consider action from the other side of the wall.

TaleWorlds Entertainment not waste much time to talk in a new trailer of Siege Defense, it was revealed today at Gamescom, but it’s not as if it needs extensive explanation. It was a brief encounter, intense on the wall, and while the attack did not see all that has been planned good to me – the attackers should not step up the ladder until the lamb and the watchtower are in the right place – glad to see that the defenders in the match have a reasonable chance against the siege. (I can also enjoy more than I should, you can shoot the guys in the back while they were fleeing their life).

There’s still no word of a release date, but you can find out more about Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord at taleworlds.com.

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