‘Bannerlord gives us some new features to bring out the uniqueness of its cultures, but we’re especially excited about minor factions – mercenaries, nomads and outlaw leagues that have their own agendas that aren’t part of the struggle for power’.

WolfSkins (Battanian Origin): a society of young warriors who have left their clans to live a life of freedom (and violence) in the woods. So long as they live ‘as wolves’ – eating no cooked meat, sleeping under no roof, and wearing no woven cloth – they are exempt from the laws of men. The Wolfskins are inspired by the Fianna, a fighting brotherhood who were the stars of a major Irish saga. It treats them as heroes, but they also have a dark side, extorting money from clans who are interested in mundane things like marriage and crops and don’t have time to fight all the time. Simon Young, a historian who wrote a brilliantly entertaining reconstruction of “darkest Britain,” AD 500, suggests that the Fianna may in reality have given rise to legends of werewolves. The Code of the Wolf however is our own invention.
Karakhergits ( Khuzait Origin): ‘those holdouts who would never submit to a khagan no matter what security or riches he offers’ , The Karakhergits are a rebellious bunch of nomads who abandoned their tribe due to their respect and belief of the old ways. They separated themselves from the Khan and as a result,  formed a new faction. Little is known of their appearance or composition but we can assume they are very similar to the Khuzait’s. Likely strong with Horse archers, especially favourable for lightning caravan raids.
The Company of the Golden Boar (Vlandian Origin): players who wish to emulate the adventurers who founded the Vlandian (and Norman) kingdoms can seek their fortunes with the Company of the Golden Boar, mercenaries who are based on medieval outfits like the Catalan or Free Companies.
The Skolderbroda (Sturgian Origin):  a mercenary brotherhood based on the (possibly legendary) Jomsvikings of the Baltic. Nordic styled Vikings who fight for the highest bidder, deadly ,ruthless and definitely eager to put axe to head. Likely infantry focused with two handed weapons although this is speculation.
The Sons of the Forest (Sturgian Origin): Influenced by the finnic culture side of the Sturgians, a semi- nomadic clan that practices swidden slash-and-burn agriculture in the depths of the woods. Probably a worthy foe for the Battanians , being also forest based.

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