Use influence to create your army.

Planning to go a long way in Mount & Blade 2: Captain Captain mode of Bannerlord, but who is the only one of it? Taleworlds has outlined how “influencing” a coin will determine the strength of your troops.

In this Steam Community update, the developer explains that the effect can be obtained in many ways – especially kill the bandits, enemies and conquer opposing settlements. “Influence points can be used to determine the outcome of some factions decisions and request the allies of the allies,” Taleworlds said, allowing allies to follow you.

Determined by the power of their party, the lords of the dominant coalition influence certain costs. Taleworlds continues, “It’s the military’s leader who has a great influence on the military’s actions, for example, that taking over the city would be a great benefit to the leader. The impact on building an army is really an investment, and sometimes even a gamble. If a military leader is not able to spend, then the military will begin to disband. “

Several factors affect the maintenance of influence, such as the spirit of the military, the military has gone away ever since, the relationship between the army, the commanders and the lord at any time .

The following update also includes details about the updated user interface of the game-can be fully read in this direction.

Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord’s launch date has not yet been revealed.

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